About Us

Rogue Media Group, LLC (RMG) was founded with a rebellious spirit to put our customers first. Our mission is to help clients…help them sell their products and services, diversify their workforce and integrate their supply chain to a diverse marketplace at the best possible price to create that business result. More importantly, lets be purposeful and have a real community.


RMG is a veteran-owned & operated advertising, marketing, and media agency helping companies increase market share and profitability within the multicultural market. We leverage the power of business data, virtual & live experiences, digital media, social media, original content, advertisement and network affiliates to connect brands to educated, affluent professionals and business owners.


We have operations in Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Dallas.

Strategic Partners

RMG Strategic and Equity Partners represents ambitious rebels, each providing essential leadership to support the company’s create innovative products, services, and marketing programs that drive customer mission to ROI. Only companies with demonstrated track records of superior customer service, client focus agenda, and alignment with RMG values are invited to join the Alliance