Thank you for your interest in Rogue Media Group (RMG) Corporate Sponsorship program. Our partnership operations and our custom built programs offer a local, regional, or national sponsor unique, wholesale identity with powerful appeal that helps build traffic, sell products, and increase awareness. Let us fashion a corporate RMG package for you that gives you a piece of venerable multicultural community.


A partnership with RMG provides a unique association with diverse communities for companies throughout the country and world. RMG creates partnerships with our corporate sponsors. Once a partner, we work to continue a mutually beneficial relationship by keeping your business top-of-mind through a variety of programs and mediums.


There are a number of different packages to choose from, varying from business, technology focus, DEI, to Lifestyle sponsorships. An organization can choose to promote itself via repeated impressions through print collateral, logo identification, select digital media and same-day promotional advertising that extends well beyond the event date. Your corporate brand as well as its image will remain in front of Rogue Media Network for the duration of our partnership.


RMG Corporate Partner Program is designed to enhance the following:

  • Positive brand image advertising
  • Critical market penetration
  • National/Regional business traffic and sales
  • New product/service introduction
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Client hospitality


RMG Signature Programs


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