Franchise Programs


Healing is the art of medicine, but delivering healthcare is a business and healthcare availability and cost remains a primary topic of importance to all Americans nationally, as the dichotomy of curbing rising healthcare costs and providing the highest quality of care remains a concern for all involved in the healthcare system.

The Business of Medicine Forum is a point of convergence for physicians in practice to provide innovative and effective strategies to maintain practice viability and present opportunities to grow an independently-owned private practice in this competitive market.


Rise to Power Women’s Leadership Summit bring together a diverse mix of successful women leaders who, through the discussion of topics relevant to today’s issues will educate, inspire and encourage women to reflect on their own goals and status.

The program promotes visibility for women and connects to future progress of gender equality. The agenda featured one-on one interviews, panel discussions, keynote presentations, high-level networking and awards recognition.


FUEL | The Ultimate Men’s Summit is a touring two-day summit that focuses on Black men and how they can empower themselves physically, emotionally, and most importantly financially. The summit focusing on cities where all the assets are in place to invest, grow wealth, income, and opportunity, and where we can create more stable communities.

Our mission is to provide a community for transformative action and communication for Black men to share intellectual, emotional, spiritual and cultural opportunities for growth and development that will improve the quality of their life, business, family and community.


What will bring about the next inflection points in finance, technology, and IoT?

Techcast: The Future of Digital Disruption is a symposium and point of convergence for those who lead and continue to change the conversation about those trends shaping fin-tech, enterprise technology, and IoT – bringing together the best and brightest minds from LP’s, investment banks, entrepreneurs, growth hackers and business leaders for in-depth conversations on what will drive the future of disruption within the global marketplace, before it happens.

In this period of rapid demographic change, inclusive leadership is essential to the cohesion and prosperity of our communities. Leaders able to incorporate inclusive best practices into their portfolios, teams, and organizations will excel at the forefront of innovation for decades to come.


Companies in recent times have improved their recruiting and hiring of more diverse talent. There is greater diversity today— by gender, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation—than five or ten years ago at the entry and supervisory levels. Today, women are nearly at 50% parity in the workforce with men given greater level of education and advancement (International Labor Organization 2018), and people of ethnic and racial minorities in the United States account for 22% of the labor force (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018). But many organizations struggle to keep that talent and advance it to positions of leadership and influence.

RMG Annual iLeadership Summit provide c-suite executives, middle management and individual contributors new ideas and innovative strategies to resolve these issues and advance an organization’s mission of building an inclusive workforce. The program will include an opening night dinner, interactive panel discussions, facilitates dialogues, in-depth cases, exclusive presentations, and one-on-one interviews throughout the day, awards recognition, concluding with our networking reception.